La Nonna - Tea towels


La Nonna - Tea towels


material : Linen & Cotton

colorway : Teal & Crimson

Set of two towels


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Carnevale Studio's first textile collection is inspired by crochet and its ornate, delicate sister, macramé. 

Each pattern is a colorful deconstruction of an heirloom passed down from Jessica's Italian great-grandmother, painstakingly preserved and re-worked by generations since. 

With this collection, Carnevale bought her signature bold use of color to the realm of two dimensional design. Blending inspiration from fashion and architecture, specifically
deconstructivism - each piece takes a form and abstracts it in various color ways -  
the result is a collection of napkins and dish clothes that are striking and beautiful.

"The finished visual appearance of buildings that exhibit deconstructivist "styles" is
characterized by unpredictability and controlled chaos" - exactly what you want in the kitchen!

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